Why Learning Process Is Limited to Classrooms Only

Why Learning Process is Limited to Classrooms Only - Times For Education

Learning is done only in classrooms, in India this idea was imported from the West. This was denied by Ravindra Nath Tagore through the concept of Visva-Bharati. Western countries also dismissed this idea over time. But even in India, this idea still stands in the form of a challenge in front of people who imagine learning other than the classroom.

Learning Is Just in Class?

Just say in a school that children have to be taken out of class. To say this, it means that children should be doing something other than learning and learning, it can be some more play. To hear the story and to discuss it too. While the document of NCF-2005 says that the surroundings and references of children and their mother tongue, cut off, the child loses his personality by cutting it.

Learning to be ‘Fearless’

In a school yesterday, the children were talking to how farmers’ children learn how to sow seeds in the field? So their answer was that seeing. This view can be seen as the process of taking children’s observation and implementation of that observation. In this environment the child is afraid, whether or not the children responded on this question. That is, the relationship between learning and fear is not as complicated as it is believed or believed to be.

Another thing that happened to children that only children learn in school? So their answer was yes. I replied that it is not so. Teachers also learn from children. If this is the matter of all teachers, that is the natural hug of learning within the teacher, and then they will be able to bring change in the lives of the children as well as their lives. Along with this, they will also find a way to speed up the stagnation of their lives.

Everyone has their own reasons for reading books, newspapers, magazines, research papers, or other material. It can also be shared. There are many benefits to reading, such as knowledge, information, information and understanding. The memory of the brain increases.

What Are the Benefits of Reading?

Our imagination-strength is better. Critical thinking develops. Writing skills are developed. The main reason for your reading is, share it with us. Vella Afshar writes on Twitter for explaining the reasons for her reading.

  1. To learn
  2. To flee
  3. To validate your beliefs
  4. To know that we are not alone
  5. Looking for new ideas
  6. To be inspired internally
  7. To think, to learn
  8. To be eligible for learning
  9. To raise the courage to dream
  10. To become courageous
  11. For hope
  12. To strengthen your beliefs
  13. Write, to learn

In What Way Should a Child Teach?

Children learn by seeing, listening and seeing people. The ability to learn within children is infinite. They go to school without speaking, talking to people, listening to them, and learning about people’s behavior. Learned by using them in their own way. Every moment learns something new to try.

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‘Teach Children as Children’

How to teach children? The answer is that the first condition is to take care of the child’s interest. Let’s tell him something interesting. If they do not understand anything even then, then every effort should be made to explain them in different ways. Take examples that children can connect with their life. The biggest benefit of telling something repeatedly and differently is that the child will be able to learn it in his own way. The thing learned through this method is more permanent. If you teach children by becoming a child, you will also enjoy and children will also be happy to learn.

There Is a Way Too

For this I do, we do, you can do the same way as a creative way. It is given the name of I do, We Do and You Do in English. This is a method in which we tell ourselves something before. They show themselves and then do their children together. After this, give children an opportunity to independently answer and so that they can assess whether the child’s understanding has been confirmed or not. If you need support, you can also support it.

In the end, just one thing, “Children should be taught in a pleasant atmosphere. During this, it should be kept in mind that he is enjoying reading. If children do not enjoy learning, they lose interest in reading. The time for concentrating children is very less, so instead of teaching the child for a long time, continue giving breaks in the middle. “All these things are useful in teaching the children at home, and they also take care of them in school.

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