What Is the Meaning of Education Psychology?

What is the meaning of education psychology - Times For Education

Education psychology is made up of two words, education and psychology. Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of mental processes, experiences and behaviors. At the same time education can be defined as the all-round (physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development) of the person’s personality.

Education psychology in this sense provides theoretical ground for the use of psychology of children and adults in practical terms in terms of education, on the basis of which to build a holistic understanding of various subjects of learning, motivation, personality development and child psychology.

What Is Education?

The word education is made of Sanskrit pure metal, meaning learning or teaching. That is, education is a learning-learning process. The term for education is also used, which means it means to know. The word education is made up of four words in Latin, which means training, getting out from the inside, nurturing and moving from internal to external.

So, in short, it can be said that education means motivating man’s internal forces to come outward. According to John Adams, the education teacher was centered in ancient times. The two ends were teachers and learners. Later, John Dew mentioned the three centers of education, describing education as a centerpiece. Which are teachers, learners and courses respectively.

Different Definitions of Education

According to the Gita, “Sa Vidya Vimukte” That is, Vidya is the one who is free from bondage.

According to Tagore, “Our education is based on selfishness, inspired by the narrow motive of passing the examination, has become a form of job as soon as possible, which is being shared in a difficult and foreign language. Due to this we have pushed rules, definitions, facts and ideas in the direction of crying from infancy. It neither gives nor motivates us so that we can stay and understand and understand. “

According to Mahatma Gandhi, “True education is one that promotes and inspires spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of children. In this manner we can say in the form of abstract that according to them the meaning of education was all-round development. “

According to Swami Vivekananda, “Education is an expression of inherent perfection in person.”

According to Aristotle, “Education develops human powers, specially develops mental powers so that they can be able to contemplate the ultimate truth, Shiva and Sundar.”

What Is Education Psychology?

Education philosophy of Krishnamurthy, J. Krishnamurthi’s thesis psychology, is a practical branch of psychology. Using the principles of psychology in the teaching process and experimenting in the solution of educational problems, education defines the scope of psychology.

That is, education psychology is related to both the principles of psychology and the principles and problems of education. Scientific studies of psychology behavior, while focusing on the scrape and socialization of behavior in education.

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Definitions of Education Psychology

Crow and Crowe, “Education psychology describes and explains the experiences of learning from the birth of an old age to old age.”

According to the Colosnick, “The use of the principles of psychology in education is called education psychology.”

According to Skinner, “The scientific study of human behavior in academic situations is called education psychology.”

According to James Drever, “Education psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the use of psychological theories and discoveries in education as well as psychological studies of problems of education.”

The center of study of education psychology is human behavior in academic situations. This is kept in both science and art category. Its nature is scientific because scientific methods are used for study.

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