We Should Know About Improve Quality of School Education

We should know about Improve quality of school education - Times For Education

We Should Know About Improve Quality of School Education

The 21st century global economy can grow in an environment that is based on the skills related to creativity and imagination, critical thinking and solution to the problem. Empirical analysis, there are strong positive relationships between education and economic progress. There is a large population of about 30.5 million (according to 2011 census) of middle age between 6-18 years of school going to school, which is more than 25% of the total population. If children are taught to cope with the real world of self-confidence, then India has the potential to use its full potential for this demographic part.

After adopting the sustainable development target 2030, the focus has shifted to ‘fairness with quality’ to the level of secondary education.

Through Mann Ki Baat

A few months ago, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi had emphasized on the importance of quality in one of his enlightenment (mind of mind): “Until now the attention of the government was on the spread of education across the country but now the time has come. Meditation should be given on the quality of education. Now the government should pay more attention to knowledge rather than schooling. “HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar had also announced that “the quality of education in the country will be a top priority.” Focusing attention on knowledge rather than schooling means to take into account the consequences from the input.

National Achievement Survey (NAS) - Times For Education

National Achievement Survey (NAS)

As it is clear that India has performed well in ensuring fairness and accessibility in schooling. However, the level of knowledge in an average student is a matter of concern. According to a recent report by the fifth edition of the National Achievement Survey (NAS), the percentage of students who got the correct answers to more than half of the questions related to reading understanding was only 36% and in this regard, mathematics and environmental studies The figure is 37% and 46%, respectively.

How To improve the level of quality of education in schools, the Central and State Governments are making new comprehensive approaches and strategies. Talk about some special areas; work on issues related to teachers, classroom procedures, evaluation and assessment of knowledge in the classroom, school infrastructure, school effectiveness and social interaction.


Where a child is a center of school education, one of the most important factors in ensuring knowledge in children is of a teacher. With the introduction of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, 19.48 lakh posts of teachers have been created in the first class. The recruitment of teachers for these posts has improved from 42: 1 to 24: 1 in the student-teacher ratio. Although there are still schools where the teacher is only one or their number is inadequate. For this, the State Governments need to make plans for uniform distribution of teachers and an annual program should be kept in place for the recruitment of skilled teachers in place of retired teachers.

At present 85% of the regular teachers in the government schools are professionally qualified. All the teachers in the 20 States and Union Territories have the requisite qualifications. The Government is taking all steps to ensure that all the teachers of the remaining 16 States / Union Territories are fully trained for the next 2-3 years. According to the results of a study conducted by the Ministry in the year 2013, the average attendance of teachers was approximately 83%. It is necessary to increase it by 100%.

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Procedures to Be Adopted in Class Room

Developing an understanding of knowledge in children, class room management, effective student teacher communication, and the superiority of instructions; These procedures are of paramount importance from the perspective of structured teaching and learning. Regular presence of students and teachers in the class room is a precaution for this. In the context of ICT-supported learning and learning, the results of the learning process clearly need to be given special attention to the possible teaching results for each class and for each subject so that it can be easily understood by teachers, school heads. And it can be widely publicized among parents and the community.

Study India and Growth India

With a format emphasizing the importance of the study India and growth India, the need for a strong foundation has been accepted for the increased India, which has been started by the government in the year 2014. In order to make mathematics, science and technology study interesting and popular, the Government launched the National Innovation Campaign in 2015. Through this initiative, the schools have opportunities to get experience as institutions of consultation with IIT and NIT. The recently launched Atal Abhinav Abhiyan and the Atal Tinkering Lab will be strengthening activities such as critical analysis, creativity and problem-solving among students.

All government secondary schools in the country are being equipped with ICT so that ICTs can be used to teach children and improve literacy related to information technology. The National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER) and recently launched e-Schools are bringing together all digital and digital qualified resources at one stage at all levels of school education and teacher education.


Assessing the progress of a student’s study is one of the primary roles of the teacher. Regular and continuous evaluation of students in the class, giving feedback to the children and parents, the teacher has to solve the response and the solution to the study problems among the children. In an academic environment classroom based on the study assessment system, it can be ensured that both the teacher and the student are concentrating on learning.

#Note – To make sure that parents and community members can move forward, to control the responsibilities of schools for the education of their children, it has made efforts to prepare the learning goals in order to easily understand the language. Going forward and planning to showcase its extensive publicity along with schools.

In this campaign, the efforts of government, civil society organizations, experts, parents, community members and children will be needed.

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