We Must Know That Education Is Most Important for Us

We must know that Education is most important for us - Times For Education

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, knowledge means acquiring facts, information and skills through education or experience. Knowledge constitutes theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. The descendants of human society differ from monkeys and other animals only due to knowledge and use. Knowledge can only be achieved through education.

It can be said without question that education is necessary to overcome equality and to overcome obstacles and discrimination on the basis of economic condition. The progress and development of the nation depends on the availability of the right to education of all citizens. Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani schoolgirl, was threatened with Taliban for the right to education. He was shot on his head in the Taliban but survived even then and since then he has become a global champion for the rights of human rights, women’s rights and education, so let’s know that education is most important for us –

In addition to the ability to run a business through professional skills, the results of education are very different, including the following –

  • Through the civilization of a society, democracy will be promoted, which in turn will help in the harmonious development of the whole country.
  • Making peace in the world
  • At the individual level, education helps in the integration of maturity and personality, thereby providing complete help in a human deal with correct modification of behavior and whole life.

Different Types of Education

Apart from school and college education, education constitutes the following:

Adult Literacy – Illiteracy is a curse for any society. Education helps in eradicating all evil and thus trying to overcome this evil by giving basic education to the adults through the establishment of government centers in the whole world.

Women’s Education – It has been rightly said that when you educate and educate a woman, you educate a whole family. In society where women are denied education till the end of the 20th century, right now Special campaigns and schemes are being organized to educate women, to bring them forward and to facilitate overall development of the society.

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Education in India

Since ancient times, India has been conscious of the importance of education for the full development of society. From Vedic era, education is being provided in Gurukul from generation to generation. This education was not only the only knowledge of Vedic Mantras but also the necessary vocational training for making the students a complete person. In this way the Kshatriyas learned the art of war, Brahmins learned the art of giving knowledge, Vaishya went ahead by learning the trade of commerce and other specialized business courses. However, the Shudra caste was deprived of education, which is considered to be the lowest in the society.

Considering this inclusive development and inclusive development of the entire society, Reservation Scheme has been started in which free education is provided to lower castes, as well as the reservation of seats in colleges and jobs, starting with 1900 and later he got the right place in the constitution of India.

In the current era, for identifying the need for overall development of the society through equal opportunity for all, the government has provided free and compulsory education for all children aged between 6 and 14 years in Indian Constitution Various articles are included.

Send children from economically weaker sections to education for children. The children have been encouraged by providing nutritious meals in the Mid-Day Meal Scheme by the Government of India. This program is run by government, government-aided local bodies, education guarantee scheme and optional innovative education centers, seminary and schools or students studying in elementary schools, by the Free Food Labor Ministry. This scheme has helped increase enrollment, attendance and retention of financially backward classes in government schools.

In another important initiative, the government has also announced financial assistance for girl’s education and free education. Through this scheme, all girls of the single family have been encouraged to provide free education at the higher level in the school.

However, for students of higher education, India faces a problem in the field of enrollment. The main reason for low rates of enrollment is the lack of expensive fees and relationships. To change this unwanted scenario, big solutions are necessary, some suggestions for expanding higher education are as follows:

  • Backward classes have been encouraged through reservation policy, positive steps should be taken by the government to remove inequalities between the poor and the rich.
  • Higher education should be the education of relevance. In the present era, there are innumerable undergraduate degree holders who are unemployed. If the vocational training is included in the curriculum and given vocational training to students who choose higher education or a career choice of their choice after higher secondary school, then the risk of unemployment can be reduced.

Conclusion – Education helps a person to discover their potential, which in turn promotes a strong and united society. Refusing to use it can hinder anyone to become a perfect human being. The importance of education is very important at every level of human society to take the family, community and state to a large level.

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