Let’s Know About Declining Level of Higher Education in India

Let’s know about declining level of higher education in India - Times For Education

It would not be very indispensable to say that higher education in India is in the morbid condition and rests on the old and dilapidated grounds. Virtually without human education human life is considered useless and there have been significant efforts to promote education. Primary education has been declared mandatory under the Right to Education Act, but there are still many obstacles in the path of higher education and quality education is still a day dream, let’s know about declining level of higher education in India –

High Education Concerns in India

  • How advanced is the education system of any country, this fact is evaluated on the basis of three criteria. The first criterion is how many youths have access to higher education; the second criterion is, is higher education judicial? And third, how is the quality of higher education? It is very sad that we have failed on these three parameters.
  • Financial problems, secondary education and various social compulsions, children of poor families stop going to school even before completing secondary education, so they cannot even reach higher education.
  • There has been a significant increase in the number of higher education institutions in India, but only the number of institutes has increased and not their quality.
  • Number of teachers in many institutions of higher education is not even half of the required number, so there is a lack of books and libraries too.
  • It is worth noting that high education and advanced education loans have played an important role in crippling higher education in India. New educational institutions are being opened day by politicians and businessmen.
  • A few days ago, the ‘Planning Commission’ (now replaced by the Policy Commission) had said that only 17.5 percent of graduate youth in India are eligible for employment. The quality of research programs run in our higher education institutions is not even around the global level.
  • Not a single Indian Institute is included in the list of the best 200 institutions in the world. However, the process of preparing a list of the best institutions is not completely error-free, yet every good Indian institution has to say that it is wrong in the ranking process, saying ‘if it is not grapes or sours’ It is to be done.

A Revolutionary Step for the Restoration of Higher Education

  • From time to time, many experts have given many suggestions to bring higher education to India. However, moving forward towards sudden change in overall education system may not be a very practical step. Therefore, we will have to look at the causes one by one, due to which there is a decline in the level of education in India. In fact, this decline is a major reason for the level of education, not to be part of the education system again in the middle of the dropouts. To address this problem, we will consider some practical and effective measures here:
  • First of all, children who leave the studies in the middle will have to prepare two types of courses and these children should have the freedom to choose any of the courses. Under the first course, two-year skill training program will be required by local business institutions. The cost of this course will be borne by the state government and local business associations. Under the second course, students will have to be included in a three-year curriculum to impart education in science and humanities, the state government will bear the cost of this course.
  • After the mandatory examination of the top 10 percent of the students of these two courses, permission should be given to enter the higher education institutions of the country, and after successfully passing the mandatory examination to the top one percent of the students successfully completing these courses, the best of the country The admission in research institutes should not be done by those who do not complete the studies. Only education can be given, but employment can also be ensured for them.

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Conclusion About Our Educative System

  • In the early part of the twenty-first century, the educated young generation of India has given it a very respectable place in the field of information and communication technology. Under the new work culture, the capabilities of India’s scientific and technological field are being highly appreciated internationally. But worrying statistics about higher education (which we have discussed above) are flooding our progress.
  • The government is not only going to increase the number of higher education institutions, but its quality will also be brought to the best level. Significantly, there is a huge shortage of teachers in the highest quality educational institutes and central universities in the country, whereas in this case the condition of the state’s universities is even worse. Therefore, there is a dire need to be given autonomy to our educational institutions, as well as to the UGC. Like regulators should also save against unnecessary interference.
  • There is a doubt about giving too much autonomy to the fact that the universities should not be secular in their own right! For this, we have to learn from the American model where the level of competition in the universities is so high that no university does not get back to providing the best facilities to the teachers and students for the best faculty. In the US, if a faculty is not satisfied with the university administration, then he goes from university to university with all his resources and research, and even his students. So the University never becomes autocratic.
  • The 21st century’s higher education cannot be leveled till the schooling of India will continue to vanish in the 19th century. The basic facilities of school education have increased tremendously in the last decade, but the real problem is quality.

It is a bitter truth that there is no academic activity in more than half of the primary schools of India. Therefore, the time has come to use the technology for learning by forgetting the time of Chalk and Black Board.

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