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How to enhance a quality of education - Times For Education

The teacher is the most sensitive unit of society. Teachers do not do their work properly – this charge is used everywhere. But no one does this idea why he is not taught to teach? The day-to-day administration, used in non-educational work, completely demolishes teachers’ academic thinking, educational programs. It is not easy to teach children, neither children are files. Administrative offices and officials continually ignore education and teachers. Do not let them work. For this reason, expected improvement in school education is not possible.

What to Do to Improve

In order to improve school education, we have to change our traditional opinion about schools. By now understanding schools as schools, teachers are forced to create multiple types of posts and give statistics every day. It keeps interrupting children’s studies. Children want to be constantly connected with their teachers, especially at the primary level. Therefore, schools should be made free from the official functioning and make effective educational institutions.

School vs. Community Learning Center :- Our government schools are working for child education (children aged 6-14). Regarding the continuous education centers working for Anganwadi and adult education, which is operated for infant education, the school is concerned with the school. In fact, a better synergy between all these is essential. If these three agencies are integrated, better education system is possible for 3 to 50 years.

It is also important that Anganwadi worker, teacher and persuasive of continuous education centers should be prepared to work together and work together. If the three agencies begin to work in a unified format then it is possible that the school will be extended to 12 to 14 hours per day. Also, opportunities for learning and learning in the school can increase for all sections of the community.

Teacher-Student Ratio Is Fine :- Teachers’ role in academic reform is important. Effective teaching according to the textbooks and courses depends on the skills, activism and skill of the teachers. There is a need to think seriously about how a teacher, how many children of many classes can read well.

Ideally, a teacher can read up to a maximum of 20 children. That too, when they are of the same level Now the system is that a teacher will teach 40 children (and they are also from different levels). In many schools, more than 70-80 children have to be taught. In such a way, teachers can keep their children surrounded. Only studies can be possible. Teachers will also be able to read the children, this will make teacher-student ratio practical.

Training, Teaching and Testing :- There is a need to improve teaching methods, training and methods of testing to improve school education. Now the methods of teaching are determined at the state level. Classroom teaching skills are either denied or considered as circumstantial.

Education, Health and Employment Oriented Projects :- There are many institutions in the field of education. Projects and programs have also been implemented at government level for employment and public health. Despite being the basic index of human development, there is no need of speed due to non-reconciliation. Knowledge of poverty through wealth is a special relationship of poverty. In rural remote areas, poverty of knowledge is raised.

They are unable to use the resources due to lack of information. Despite many projects, their primary education, first aid and basic employment processes are interrupted. Now it is time that the projects implemented for education, health and employment should be reviewed in a consolidated manner by implementing the results. If good results come, they should be implemented throughout the country. In this way we will be able to better utilize our resources and human capabilities, which will increase the chances of qualitative development of education.

Courses and Textbooks :- In fact, it is not exactly right to decide how much of the children of the age group can be taught and how much resources and facilities will be required to teach. After introduction of the new Education Policy 1986, textbooks and courses have been changed continuously after assuming the base of the minimum learning levels, but the facilities and the tools accordingly have not been fulfilled properly.

It is very dangerous to think that through textbooks we can develop linguistic and mathematical skills and environmental knowledge properly. In reality, textbooks are only a small instrument of study, not achievable. It is also dangerous to set textbooks centered on classrooms and to determine the curriculum in classified form. Their family and social environment also have a special effect on the ability of children to learn, so enforcing uniform curriculum and similar textbooks in all areas is a nansafi with the children.

Educational Purposes :- To improve school education, we have to revise the current educational objectives. Education is not the only way to pass the exam or get job / employment. Education is also important for the development of the personality of the students, the development of inherent capabilities and the creation of a healthy life.

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Education can lead to every child becoming a better person, only then can it be meaningful. It has also been said, “Sa Vidya or Vidukeya”. There is no visible difference in the behavior and character of a non-educated and educated person. After taking reverse reading, the person starts to steal from labor and indulges in various types of misdeeds. This situation proves the failure of our current educational system in a way. Therefore, it is important that the objectives of education be temporarily defined and revised.

Today, taking a meaningful step in terms of real improvement in the field of education, we have to develop such teaching methods and programs which will create loyalty towards labor in the minds of children. In general, there must be an effective educational program in which –

  • Courses are flexible and activity based, as well as in conformity with the eclipse capacity of children.
  • Text plans, prepared by self educators and completed them.
  • In the state’s education policy making, the educationists and the working teachers are actually made participants and all the ideas are given important place.
  • Accept responsibility for the management of public partnership committees (parent teacher association) – educational administration machinery also do not have unnecessary interference in schools. The right to education should be entrusted to teachers.
  • The teachers have the right to make changes in teaching methods, not administrative officials.
  • Teacher-student ratios should be corrected in classrooms, along with adequate educational material and teacher recruitment.
  • Textbooks should be composed by teachers and education experts rather than established creators who are educationally appropriate.
  • The role of institution principals and teachers in implementing educational reforms should be considered as important.
  • For the cooperation of teachers, “State Teacher References and Source Centers” will be set up.
  • Schools should be made responsible for community teaching.

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